The Studio Ace features Presonus 16/24 multi-track recording system.  With the Presonus 16-4-2 digital mixing console and the Presonus Studio One Ver.2 software you can record and mix down using a vast array of plugins to achieve the radio ready sound the industry demands. 

You can Mix down your music using the plug ins of the Sound One software along with all the features that the Presonus 16-4-2 Digital Console has to offer.  Your music could have compressor/limiters/noise gates on every channel as well as four band EQ and Reverb.  Also 4 separate headphone mixes are available to the musicians during the recording process so everyone can get the mix that makes them play the best.

Recording is done with an assortment of quality microphones including:





CAD Drum Mics on a Custom Built by Hand  Stave All Wood 5 piece Drum Set.