The Studio Ace 

Forensic Audio  /  Noise Removal  /  Mastering 

Don't Gamble With Your Sound!


The Studio Ace Features PreSonus Studio One 4 Recording and Mastering software along with the Izotope RX-7  Noise Abatement Software and Sonic Solutions-Sonic Studio High End CD Mastering, NoNoise Audio Restoration, Forensic Audio, and Hard Disc Multi-track Recording.


Sonic Studio and PreSonus is used today by major record labels, recording studios, and mastering facilities to prepare commercially-released CDs. Sonic Studio users have consistently won “Grammy”, “Emmy” and “Oscar” awards for their exceptional work.


Along with the Sonic Solutions-Sonic Studio the Studio Ace incorporates the Presonus Studio One Ver.4.6 software to enhance your audio program even more with the use of some of the latest and innovative plugins on the market.

From Forensic evaluation to Multi-track Recording we take pride and care with your project.




Forensic  Audio

From telephone conversations to murder confessions the Studio Ace can get results that are quite stunning. Using the Sonic Solutions NoNoise software we can increase the intelligiblity of forensic recordings, raise low siginal -to-noise ratios, remove ambient noise and tape hiss.


With suegical precision we can also eliminate hum and buzz from telephone recordings and other audio without creating unwanted artifacts.  Some of our forensics technics are the same used by the F.B.I., and we have worked witht the F.B.I. on some major high profile cases.  Audio forensic specialist Ace Bowen is avaiable for expert witness and testimonial upon request.

NoNoise Audio Restoration 

Sonic Solutions NoNoise software along with the Izotope RX-7 software has become one of the nations leading professional sound restoration system. NoNoise is a collection of tools to remove clicks, pops, tape hiss, ambient noise, crackle, distortion, and complex buzz and hum. The results from NoNoise processing are most remarkable! 


The Nonoise process is ideal for restoration of older music recordings for reissue on compact disc, clean -up of production sound for film and video projects, correction of digital-era glitches from clocking or synchronization problems, enhancement of intelligibility of forensic and surveillance recordings.


The Studio Ace uses some of these features in the CD Mastering process to make the recordings more listenable for today's demanding consumers. 


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